Free cookbook giveaway. Adeena Sussman Shabbat and Faith Kramer 52 Shabbats, from

This contest has now ended. Congratulations to Ilana Hernandez who won these awesome cookbooks!

Here’s your chance to win Adeena Sussman’s brand new cookbook, Shabbat, as well as Faith Kramer’s recent 52 Shabbats cookbook! Just add your recipe for a Shabbat stew (chulent, hamin, dafina, etc.) — traditional or your own invention — and share on social media.

Here are all of the details:

How the Contest Works

What you need to do:

  • Register for this site.
  • Upload your Shabbat stew recipe. (By uploading your recipe, you are permitting me to share it publicly on this site. If I use it in the future in any other format, I will credit you.)
  • Share the picture above on Instagram, X (Twitter), or Facebook. (Right click on the image above to download it to your desktop, or press and hold the image to download to your phone.)
  • Include the text: I shared my recipe on and am entered to win Adeena Sussman’s Shabbat and Faith Kramer’s 52 Shabbats!
  • Tag me. On Instagram tag @funjoelhaber, or @funjoel on X (Twitter) and Facebook.
  • If you think it will not be clear that your social post and your recipe are connected, email me to let me know!
  • You can gain an extra entry by uploading a photo of your stew to this site, along with the recipe. If you share on more than one social media platform, you will get an entry for each. Thus, 4 maximum: one entry for each of the three platforms plus one for a photo.

The entries close September 28th, 11:30 PM Israel Time. I will then compile all of the entries and do a random drawing. I will notify the winner directly, via email.

What can you win?
Copies of two excellent Shabbat cookbooks, Adeena Sussman’s brand new Shabbat and Faith Kramer’s recent 52 Shabbats. Upon receipt of your address (if you win), you will receive new copies of each shipped directly to you.